Reputable Debt Settlement Companies – 4 Killer Tips For Making The Right Choice

Many people have been turning to debt settlement as a means of getting rid of huge burdens brought on by credit card debt. But with the increased reliance on debt settlement has arise the need for increased vigilance among consumers. This necessary vigilance is due to the huge influx of players in the marketplace, who do not abide by the rules and are downright unethical. If you stick around for the next couple of minutes, we’ll show you how to isolate and choose the more reputable debt settlement companies.

1. Avoid Hype & Inflated Promises
You can’t navigate the internet today without coming across high pressure sales pitches that promise the world, only if you do as the salesman says. No matter how good the offer sounds, never rush in and make any agreements. Take your time to do thorough research on any offer as well as the company making the offer. Only when you are satisfied that everything is legit, should you engage a company.

2. Steer Clear Of Upfront Fees

Reputable debt settlement companies will never ask you to pay upfront fees before they even begin to deliver a service. The one that ask for fees upfront are usually the ones that will leave you holding your head and wondering where all your money went, so be warned. Avoid companies also that want to charge maintenance fees, since these are unnecessary and don’t comply with good business practice.

3. Avoid High Percentage Fees
The standard rate among debt settlement companies is a rate of between 10 – 20%, therefore, when you come across a company that wants to charge way above this, don’t engage them. Always shop around where fees are concerned and don’t be afraid to negotiate fees downward with the company. They’ll naturally be resistant at first, but always bear in mind that they need your business to survive. Use this fact as leverage.

4. BBB Accreditation Is A Must
The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is the main watchdog for consumers. Any debt settlement company that you engage must have a listing with them and be in good standing. If the company has a bad reputation on the BBB, then they should be avoided.

The four tips outlined above can help you make good judgments when choosing reputable debt settlement companies. Apply them and not only will you choose the best company, you’ll eliminate your debt in record time.